Speedweek Gotland, June 20-21, 2022

Enjoy the most modern and entertaining race circuit in the Nordic region through our fun motorcycle trackday on picturesque Gotland, Sweden. The picturesque island of Gotland - with the highest number of sun hours in the Nordic region and beyond - is the most popular summer destination in Sweden. Gotland offers a great mix of activities for the whole family, not just the motorcycle enthusiast - so bring along your family and friends to enjoy the unique environment, beautiful beaches, various activities, exquisite food and interesting culture.

On Gotland, even a simple transfer on public roads is a joy and safe experience. Experience the amazing colourful botanical diversity roadside on your way up to GotlandRing, the Nürburgring of the North.

Regardless of your level, Bike GotlandRing SpeedWeek will provide a suitable group and instructor for you. One does not need previous track experience - everybody is most welcome, from beginner to expert. The levels available are the following: beginner/intermediate/expert.

GotlandRing - the world’s first sustainable circuit - has the highest safety record within its field. The modern safety standard in combination with its well documented pure driving pleasure creates a desirable balance for the rider that seeks a challenge and learning curve to become a better rider. Enjoy the opportunity to get some vital instructions from our established super bike competitors and other professional instructors.

Instructors, safety personnel, medical car, on-site lunch (option), paddock club building access, garage rental (option), technical services, rebates for ferries & accommodation and much is available through this trackday package.



MC Trackdays: June 20-21, 2022

Daily activities 10-17 on both the Northern & Southern Loops (total of 7.3 km configuration)

Group rebates for the ferry and accommodation is available. Select your accommodation level from hostel to design/boutique hotel and cabins.

Even simpler camping is available near the track. For queries, please contact mailto:sales@gotlandring.com

GotlandRing season card offers 80+ (more often than not 100-120 days) premium days of public driving during 2021 (public driving offers full days with 20 min sessions for both motorcycles and cars, always separate sessions, sometimes open pit lane if only one vehicle category is present)

Book your trackday package via webshop www.gotlandring.com.

For more information, contact sales@gotlandring.com or call +46 730 668 688 (FaceTime works as well)